Owner/Designer/Builder :  Stan Hancock
Electrical System Fabrication :   Precision Automotive Specialists,inc.
Technical Support & Final Tune :  Precision Automotive Specialists,inc.
2011 Ford Track Roadster..
Designed and Hand Crafted to Resemble a
"Hot Rod" 1926 Ford Roadster..
...This is not a "Kit Car"...
Powertrain/Driveline :

==>>  2300cc/2.3-liter, Turbocharged & Fuel Injected, O.H.C. Ford Four Cylinder..
(Hydraulic Roller Cam, Larger Intake & Exhaust Valves, Adjustable Wastegate and Fuel Pressure Regulator, Larger Fuel Injectors,Stainless Steel Header and a Custom Stainless Steel Sidepipe.)
==>>  Borg Warner T-5 5 Speed Manual Transmission..
w/Aluminum Flywheel..
==>>  Posi-Traction 7.5" Rear Differential w/3.45:1 Ring & Pinion..
  Electrical System Fabrication and Installation..   (Packaged under the Dash.)
(The Relays, Fuse Panels and EEC-IV Computer/ Processor are Mounted onto a Three Tier Swing-Down Panel.)
==>> Consisting Of :
** EEC-IV Computer/Processor, TFI-IV Electronic Ignition System, 8-Engine Sensors, 1-Vehicle Speed Sensor, 1-Fuel Level Sensor, Starting and Charging Systems, 2-Indicator Lamp Sensing Switches, 1-Lighting Module, Parking Lamps, Gauge Illumination Lamps, Headlamps, Turn Signals, 2-Horns, 7-Gauges, 4-Indicator Lamps, 1-Engine Cooling Fan, 1-Electric Fuel Pump, 8-Manual Switches, 8-Relays, 1-Cycling Circuit Breaker, 3-Diodes, 2-Fuse Panels, 25-Fuses, etc., etc.**
Parking Lamps, Headlamps, Horn and Turn Signal Control Panel...
Clutch Safety Switch and Brake Lamp Switch..
==>>  Work in Progress  <<==                  ==>>  Work in Progress  <<==              ==>>  Work in Progress  <<==
==>>  Lookin' Good Now !!  <<==
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