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Pontiac "Extended Length" Main Cap Dowel Pins
Pontiac Main Cap Dowel Pins
Pontiac "Extended Length" Dowel Pins Installed
Pontiac Main Cap Dowel Pin
** Extended Length **

Correct Diameter of 0.30965" +/- 0.00005" Tolerance.

>> Pontiac Dowel Pins Are NOT 0.3125" (5/16") <<

 Part #    PMCDP 
$4.95 ea.
Stock Dowel Pins only Protrude from the Block Approximately 0.160". Ours Protrude Approximately 0.438".
Our Dowel Pins Locate the Main Cap Better.
Factory Dowel Pin Installed.
Our Dowel Pin Installed.
Actual Dimension of a Factory Dowel Pin.
 Design Features : 

1) Locates the Main Caps better than the Stock Length Dowel Pins.
2) Engages a Previously Unused Portion of the Main Cap.
3) Greatly Reduces the Possibility of "Cap Walk".
4) The Caps stay put when Torquing the Main Cap Fasteners.
 Technical Notes: 

** Our Dowel Pins Fit the Pontiac Block Properly.
** The Press Fit into the Block is Correct without the Expense of Reaming the Dowel Holes in the Block and in the Caps.
** Our Pins Fix Poor/Loose Fitting "Stock Main Caps".
** Install Our Dowel Pins before Align Boring or Align Honing the Block.


** Installing 5/16" Dowel Pins into a Pontiac Block without Properly Reaming the Dowel Holes to Size can Damage the Main Webbing in the Block.**

Pontiac Solid Timing Cover Dowels
 Solid Timing Cover Dowels

** These Timing Cover Dowels are 
Solid Stainless Steel.**

 Part #    PTCD-SS 
$9.99 ( 2/Pkg.)
 Tech Tip : 
   Whenever a Motor Plate is Mounted to the Front of the Timing Cover, the Possibility Exists that the Timing Cover may come loose over time. The Original "Split-Type" Timing Cover Dowels may allow for Timing Cover Movement which can lead to Oil and/or Coolant Leaks. 

These Solid Stainless Steel Dowels Eliminate those Possibilities. 
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Pontiac Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Set
** Extended Length **

Correct Diameter of 0.30965" +/- 0.00005" Tolerance.

>> Pontiac Dowel Pins Are NOT 0.3125" (5/16") <<

 Part #    PCHDP 
$18.95 Set of 4

These Dowel Pins are made of a Hardened Steel Alloy. They are Machined to the Correct Length, the Ends are Radiused and the Outside Diameter is Centerless Ground to its' final Dimension.
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"Extended Length" Hardened Steel Alloy
"Extended Length" Hardened Steel Alloy
Solid Stainless Steel