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Step #1.) Disassemble the Rack & Pinion Assembly. Thoroughly Clean and Inspect.
Step #2.) Cut the Steel Tube End of the Rack & Pinion Housing to the Desired Length.
Since I was Narrowing this Rack & Pinion 5", I cut 5" off of the Housing...
Step #3.) Cut the Rack Shaft Length by the same amount that you cut the Rack & Pinion Housing.
Step #4.) Machine the End of the Rack Shaft to the Same Dimensions and Thread Pitch as the End of the Rack Shaft that You cut off.
Step #5.) Create the Radiused Groove in the Rack Housing/Steel Tube in the Same Location, Depth and Radius as the Original Groove in the Rack Housing/Steel Tube that You cut off.
I had a Hardened Steel Roller made to replace the Cutter Wheel in one of my Large Tubing Cutters so that I could "Roll" the Groove into the Rack Housing.
Step #6.) Fabricate and Install a Bushing in the End of the Rack Housing that has a 0.003" Larger Inside Diameter than the Outside Diameter of the Rack Shaft.
This Bushing is Made from Oilite..
The Step in the Bushing is Necessary to clear the Shoulder of the Inner Tie Rod End..
Step #7.) Reassemble the Rack & Pinion being sure to "Time" the Rack & Pinion Shafts correctly.
I used "Marine Grease as the Lubricant and "GM" Case Selant for the Covers..
Step #8.) Install and Tighten the Inner Tie Rod Ends. Stake the Inside Shoulders of  the Inner Tie Rods into the Receiver Grooves in the Ends of the Rack Shaft.
I also used Red Loc-Tite on the Threads..
Step #9.) Install the Rack Boots.
I used Black Nylon "Ratcheting" Clamps..
Step #10.) Install the Dust Boot/Seal over the Pinion Shaft.
I Machined the Inside Diameter of a "Rod End Seal" so that it was a "Press Fit" over the Pinion Shaft..
Narrowing a Wilwood Manual Rack & Pinion
"Correcting Front End Geometry and Eliminating Bump Steer Issues" 
Don't forget to Machine the Slot/Receiver Groove into the End of the Rack Shaft so that You can Stake the Inner Tie Rod End during Reassembly..
This was a Used Rack & Pinion and the Black Plastic "Rack Shaft" Bushing had Disintegrated..
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NOTE: This is an Illustrated Narrowing Procedure and Assumes that the Viewer is Familiar with Rack & Pinion Rebuilding Procedures..  Performing these Procedures are at "Your Discretion" and We Assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for the Outcome..
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